Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

11, 3, pp. 267-276, Warsaw 1973

Ugięcie osiowo-symetryczne płyty Reissnera o zmiennej grubości

Andrzej Gawęcki
The fundamental equations of the problem indicated in the title are derived by means of the E. Reissner variational principle applied to the anisotropic, linearly elastic body. The equations are written in terms of ,,average displacements'' (i.e.: angle of rotation of the linear element normal to the middle surface of the plate and its deflection). Starting from results obtained by R. Ganowicz [4], the influence of transversal normal stress is neglected. Methods of solutions of displacement equations are disscussed. An exact solution for a particular case of linear variation of plate thickness is given. This solution is applied to the numerical example of the annular plate. The comparison with results obtained by H.D. Conway [2] and F. Essenburg [3] is presented.