Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

10, 1, pp. 93-106, Warsaw 1972

Dynamika sztywnej płyty spoczywającej na sprężysto-plastycznym podłożu ze zmienną granicą plastyczności. Część II. Sprężyste odciążenie

Jerzy Bauer, Edward Włodarczyk
In the second part of the paper the influence of elastic unloading on non-stationary motion of a rigid plate resting on elastic-plastic foundation with variable (increasing with the depth) limit of plasticity has been investigated. The front of the unloading wave is presented in the form of a non-linear equation with a shifted argument. The equation is solved by the Runge-Kutt method. The initial velocity of propagation of the unloading wave is found in a closed form. From this formula the limiting case of the iigid unloading wave velocity given in part I can be obtained. The parameters of motion of the plate and the medium lying under the plate are evaluated by means of wave fronts of plastic loading and elastic unloading. On the basis of the formulae obtained the detailed numerical analysis of the problem is carried out.