Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

10, 1, pp. 29-51, Warsaw 1972

Pewne niewiskozymetryczne przepływy cieczy lepkosprężystych

Stefan Zahorski
Recent interests in various non-viscometric flows of viscoelastic fluids such as polymer melts and solutions result from the progress made in the field of theoretical rheology as well as from the needs for investigation of more complicated flows in new rheometers. Among all non-viscometric flows of simple fluids a particular position is filled by motions with constant stretch history. These motions differ significantly from the well known class of steady viscometric flows, characterized entirely by three material functions and include, among others, the types of flows realized in the Maxwell Orthogonal Rheometer, the Kepes Balance Rheometer etc. In the first part of our review the general theory of non-iscometric flows with constant stretch history is outlined. The second part deals with various classes of flows, especially those occurring in the recently constructed rheometers. The possibilities of determination of dynamic rheological characteristics as well as normal stress effects are discussed in greater detail.