Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

10, 1, pp. 157-169, Warsaw 1972

Naprężenia kontaktowe w elementach maszyn w świetle badań zagadnienia elastohydrodynamicznego smarowania

Jacek Stupnicki
The paper describes some experiments, the object of which was to determine the stress distribution at the contact surface. Plastic and glass cylinders were rolled on the inner surface of a hardened steel ring under dry and lubricated conditions. The ring and the cylinder were driven by separate motors to enable the rolling and sliding contact. The maximum pressure at the contact point was, according to the Hertz theory, p=30 MN/m2 for a plastic model and p=210 MN/m2 for a glass model. Direct comparison, under a given load, of isochromatic patterns for dry and lubricated conditions show that the oil film exerts an influence on the stress distribution in the contact zone, the discrepancy with the Hertzian distribution being considerable.