Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

10, 1, pp. 143-156, Warsaw 1972

O możliwości opisu pełnego procesu pełzania metali

Marcin Chrzanowski
A method of description of full creep processes of metals is proposed in the paper for all three conventional parts of typical creep curves. Under the assumption of parallel course for hardening and damage increase processes, the mathematical model is built in the form of a set of non-linear differential equations of the first order. Using the above model the creep under axial extension is analyzed for the cases of constant and jump variable loadings. In this way a richer explanation of experimentally observed facts is acquired. The problem of material constants determination as well as the possibility of predicting the time-dependent strenght are discussed. The course of the stress relaxation process and, taking into account large deformations, the case of mixed visco-brittle fracture are also considered.