Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

10, 1, pp. 107-115, Warsaw 1972

Koncentracja naprężeń w tarczy nieograniczonej z otworem kołowym przy obciążeniu wewnętrznym

Kazimierz Rykaluk
The paper presents a method of calculation of stress concentration coefficients (according to Savin's definition) for an infinite disk with a circular hole. The disk is loaded by two longitudinal forces symmetric with respect to the centre of the hole. The methods of complex argument functions and, in particular, the method of Muskhelishvili based on conformal mappings and Cauchy type integrals is applied to the solution of the problem. The circumferential stresses as well as the coefficient of stress concentration are calculated in three characteristic points of the hole edge, for the case of four different points of application x0 of the forces. The solution obtained gives a basis to determine the stresses and their concentrations under distributed internal loads.