Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

56, 3, pp. 765-779, Warsaw 2018
DOI: 10.15632/jtam-pl.56.3.765

Effect of the gear local damage and profile error of the gear on the drivetrain dynamic response

Ahmed Ghorbel, Bacem Zghal, Moez Abdennadher, Lassad Walha, Mohamed Haddar
The dynamic modeling of vibration of a drivetrain is used for increasing our information
about vibration generating mechanisms, especially in the presence of some kind of gear
faults. This paper describes a research work on the automotive driveline modeling, vibration
analysis, and the effect of gear defects on the dynamic behavior of the system. Firstly, main
drivetrain components including the engine, clutch, single stage spur gearbox and disc brake
are modeled, respectively. The nonlinear dynamic model is simulated by a thirteen degrees of
freedom (DOF) system and the nonlinear function is due to the dry friction path. Secondly,
two types of defects are modeled and introduced into the spur gear system; local damage and
profile error. Then, the nonlinear equations of motion are solved by the numerical Runge
Kutta method and a comparative study of the dynamic behavior of the system in healthy and
defected cases is discussed for each fault type. The influence of the defects on the vibration
response is presented in the time and frequency domain. Finally, analysis of the two defects
together is presented.
Keywords: dynamic behavior, clutch, gear, brake disc, gear local damage, gear profile error


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