Journal of Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics

55, 1, pp. 41-53, Warsaw 2017
DOI: 10.15632/jtam-pl.55.1.41

Bending and buckling of a metal seven-layer beam with lengthwise corrugated main core – comparative analysis with sandwich beam

Ewa Magdalena Magnucka-Blandzi, Marcin Rodak
The subject of analytical investigations is a metal seven-layer beam, a plate band with a
lengthwise trapezoidal corrugated main core and two crosswise trapezoidal corrugated cores
of faces. The hypothesis of deformation of normal to the middle surface of the beam after
bending is formulated. Equations of equilibrium are derived based on the theorem of mini-
mum total potential energy. The equations are analytically solved. Three point bending and
buckling for axially compression of the simply supported beam are theoretically studied. The
deflection and the critical axial force are determined for different values of the trapezoidal
corrugation pitch of the main core. Moreover, an adequate model of the sandwich beam with
steel foam core is formulated. The deflection and the critical axial force are determined for
this sandwich beam. The results studied of the seven layer beam and the adequate sandwich
beam are compared and presented in tables and figures.
Keywords: layered plate-band, trapezoidal corrugated cores, deflection, critical load